Toronto Change Management Training Workshop

Every organization faces the ongoing challenge of change. Participants will learn how to respond more positively to change, to see opportunities for change, to overcome resistance to change, to gain support for change, to develop change strategies, and to think strategically about change.


  • To increase awareness of current mechanisms for dealing with change.
  • To identify the strategies and develop skills to successfully manage change.
  • To develop an action plan for situations participants are currently facing.
  • To provide models for dealing with resistance and for resentment of change.

Our Managing Change skills training & development workshop will enable participants to handle challenging situations with confidence and leadership skill.



Human Nature and Change

  • The impact of attitude & expectations
  • Understanding our resistance to change
  • Why many change efforts fail


Analyzing Readiness

  • Where and when to make change
  • Understanding needs and attitudes
  • Identifying the essentials to prompt change
  • Being aware of the current organizational reality
  • Is the organization or team ready for change?


Initiating the Change Process

  • Establishing the appropriate climate
  • The six principles of change making
  • Selling your ideas
  • Covering all the bases
  • Dealing with related stress
  • Maintaining control
  • Knowing when you are successful


Minimizing Resistance

  • Identifying the causes of resistance
  • Preventing resistance with a successful model for change
  • Developing collaborative skills to implement change
  • Coping with ambiguity


Managing Conflict

  • Staying constructive
  • Developing five strategies for conflict
  • Utilizing the delayed response strategy


  • Instructor presentation
  • Full-group discussion
  • Small-group interaction
  • Participants will develop a plan for a real change

Participants at the Change Management skills training workshop in Toronto are encouraged to send an email within three months following the training workshop and can expect a personal reply to assist with their learning experience.