Speed Reading

Applies to reading on paper and Electronic Devices!

Do you have too much to read but too little time to do it?
Have you been unable to keep pace with your reading workload?

You may think of yourself as professional in the work you do, but your reading skills may be developed only to an amateur level.

Reading may be the least advanced skill you bring to the
work place. Good techniques and practice can dramatically improve your ability to read.

Our Toronto based speed reading training workshop will introduce you to the Harris technique to enable you to read the easiest or the most difficult texts more quickly, while gaining comprehension and retention.

  • Read 50 – 150% faster
  • Improve your comprehension and retention
  • Eliminate wandering attention
  • Increase concentration
  • Learn an “attack strategy” to keep on top of your reading
  • Enhance your leisure reading

Workshop Outline

9:00 AM
Test of reading speed and comprehension
Diagnosis of traditional reading
Explanation of Harris technique and principles
Hands-on speed exercises using the new technique

10:20 AM – Break (On average, participants are reading 15-20% faster)

10: 35 AM
Questions and answers
Intermediate steps, speed exercises integrated into own reading
Reading environment and obstacles – lighting, noise, posture, eye care
Pros and cons of electronic reading devices and speed reading software
Test of reading speed and comprehension

12 noon
Lunch (On average, participants are reading 40-50% faster)

1 PM
Questions and Answers
Speed exercises
Reinforcement of concentration, memory and retention
Attack strategy, improvement of comprehension in difficult material

2:30 PM – Break

2:45 PM
Pacing strategy
Reading-time management exercise
Test of speed and comprehension

4 PM
Closing (On average, participants are reading 80-100 % faster by this
point with comprehension as good or better than at the beginning of the

Participants at the training workshop are encouraged to send an email within three months following the training workshop and can expect a personal reply to assist with their learning experience.