Conflict Resolution for Union Environment

People are different. Their individual personalities, backgrounds and experiences tend to influence how they perceive conflict: the events, actions and words. These perceptions inevitably impact how they resolve and manage conflict in their work environment. Similarly, the degree of the response, positive or negative, will vary according to each person’s perception. Appreciating the significance of connecting through effective communication and interpersonal relationships is an important first step in understanding the dynamics of conflict, and dealing with it effectively in a unionized environment.

This workshop is designed to help participants appreciate varying approaches to resolving and managing conflict in a unionized environment. Experiential learning and interactive techniques will help participants understand how to resolve conflicts in their specific work environments before they become crises.

Course Highlights Competencies

  • Concise Communication, Collaboration, Personal Leadership

Goals & Objectives

  • understand that conflict is inevitable
  • assess personal conflict management approach
  • identify five ways to deal with conflict to develop collaborative relationships with all employees
  • compare situational approaches to conflict in unionized environment
  • provide tools to constructively open the lines of communication

Our Toronto based conflict resolution training & development workshop will enable participants to handle conflict situations in a unionized environment with confidence and leadership skill.


  • Understanding Conflict
  • Sources of Conflict
  • Personal Conflict Management Profile
  • Five Conflict Management Approaches
  • How to Start the Communication
  • Union Resolution Strategies
  • Personal Action Plan


  • Instructor presentation
  • Full-group discussion
  • Small-group interaction
  • Individual exercises
  • Practice Opportunities

Participants at the Toronto conflict resolution training workshop are encouraged to send an email within three months following the training workshop and can expect a personal reply to assist with their learning experience.