Influencing Others

Influence skills are essential in today’s cross-functional workplace to be successful and achieve results. The goal is to get people working for and with you.

This interactive session will improve the way you communicate to and across teams – and across functions. The workshop offers practical, hands-on experience with skills that can be leveraged to gain commitment, increase productivity, and produce targeted results.


  • Build credibility and trust with others
  • Appreciate the significance of different approaches to influence
  • Follow a seven-step model of influence and realize how to succeed at each step
  • Identify the difference between persuasion and coercion
  • Recognize importance of exchange and reciprocity in influence
  • Know your own influence style
  • Learn how collaboration can avoid influence challenges
  • Use templates to organize your thoughts and prepare persuasive communications


  • Building relationships; what’s trust got to do with it?
  • What is credibility and why does it matter in influence?
  • What approaches are possible
  • Seven steps to influencing successfully
  • Your influence style and how to use it effectively
  • The key to collaboration
  • The Interdependency Model of Influence
  • What’s in your exchange portfolio?
  • Negotiating strategies
  • The Influence Planner tool
  • Putting it all together


  • Instructor presentation
  • Full-group discussion
  • Small-group interaction
  • Individual exercises
  • Practice exercises

Participants at the communication training workshop are encouraged to send an email within three months following the training workshop and can expect a personal reply to assist with their learning experience.