Tips of the Week – May 6th

//Tips of the Week – May 6th

Tips of the Week – May 6th

Staying Professional:  Un-emotional & Problem –Solving Oriented 

We have a choice in terms of how we can respond to difficult situations.  In challenging situations we can respond with anger or frustration if we are not practicing professionalism.  Our objective should be to consistently deal with challenging situations in a calm, productive manner.

Six ideas to increase success in staying unemotional problem–solving oriented include:

  1. Recognize your body’s physical warning  signals that remaining unemotional will require extra effort, .i.e. a tightness in your neck or shoulders or chest or  hands or stomach;  a flush in your face or  body
  1. Take a step back mentally.  See the bigger picture.  Will this be important a week or a month from now?
  1. Take a step back physically.  Reduce the extra adrenaline through movement.
  1. Buy time.  Say:

                    “I need to consider this.”

“I need to think this through.”

“I want to give this some thought”

  1. Anticipate your frustration with repeat offenders and plan your reaction to them.
  1. Smile and say “I don’t sweat the small stuff”… and smile again.
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