Negotiating Skills

Everything is negotiable.

Seven ideas to increase success include:

  1. Determine your primary objective?  Clarify what is important to you.  Be specific.  Also consider your secondary goals.
  1. Try to anticipate the other person’s objective.  Prepare questions to help discover their objectives.  Never assume….always seek to clarify and confirm.
  1. Establish mutual benefits and be prepared to communicate these to motivate the other person to see the value of your position.
  1. Know “when to fold ‘em” i.e. when to walk away… set specific limits. It’s OK to say, “That’s more than I ‘m prepared to do.” or “That’s more than I‘m prepared to spend.”
  1. Use silence as a technique to gain more information and more power.  The other person will fill the silence with information that will be potentially useful to you.
  1. Think of compromise …the 50/50 split, as your secondary strategy.  A collaborative effort where you both uncover common ground and mutual benefits is the best approach and will produce a better outcome for both of you.
  1. Ask questions like:
  • What will it take to close this deal?
  • What will it take to resolve this conflict?
  • What will it take to earn your trust?
  • What will it take to satisfy you?
  • What will it take to fix this?