Presentation Skills

Three goals for any presentation include clarity,  brevity and results!

Nine ideas to increase your effectiveness in presenting your ideas include:

  1. Know why you are speaking,
  2. Know what you want the listener to do.
  3. Edit your ideas
  4. Rehearse out loud.
  5. Watch to your facial expressions in a video.
  6. Make eye contact (look at the camera if virtual)
  7. Watch the listener’s response,
  8. Adjust your volume, inflection, tone.
  9. End on time.

Our presentation skills workshop enhance your ability to address a meeting or speak in front of a client or group and communicate your professionalism.   This training course can be delivered at your location or in our location in Toronto.

Contact us today to find out how our training programs and workshops related to communications skills and leadership skills can help you build your professionalism.

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