Time Management – 

Getting more done in less time is often a demand made on us.

Five ideas to increase your success in saving time include:

  1. Start with A priorities first. Get the most important items done.
  2. Discourage interruptions with your body language – walk quickly or don’t look up.
  3. Say no “ and they offer an alternative – except if it’s your boss asking.
  4. Say “happy to do that for you” to your boss and communicate what won’t get done.
  5. De-clutter your work space each day.
  6. Encourage independence – teach others how to find answers.

Our Toronto based time management skills training workshop provides the time management skills essential zero in on the areas that will provide the greatest return.  Participants develop the methods to step out of the states of overwhelm, frustration, disorder, anxiety and lack of control into the state of mastery and satisfaction.

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