Time Management

Time Management

Time Management –


Time is our most precious resource because it can’t be replenished.

Six ideas to increase your success in saving time include:

  1. Create templates with answers to the most common questions you’re asked.
  2. Use drafts for emails, letters, memos.
  3. Use check lists for activities you repeat frequently.
  4. Have regular scheduled meeting with key partners, your boss, your clients
  5. Meet at other people location so you can make a faster exit.
  6. Stay standing at your desk so visitors won’t linger.


Our Toronto based time management skills training workshop provides the time management skills essential zero in on the areas that will provide the greatest return.  Participants develop the methods to step out of the states of overwhelm, frustration, disorder, anxiety and lack of control into the state of mastery and satisfaction.  The next public time management workshop is scheduled for April 18, 2019

Contact us today to find out how our Toronto based time management skills training and other communications skills and leadership courses and workshops can help you build your professionalism.

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