Time Management

Stress occurs when situations control you instead of you controlling them.  Sometimes it is the way we react to events, and not the events themselves, that trigger stress.

Nine ideas to increase success in time management include:

  1. Identify the sources of stress in your job and in your personal life and minimize them.
  2. Find ways to best cope with stress that can’t be eliminated… proper rest, exercise, nutrition.
  3. Avoid burning out because of too much challenge
  4. Avoid rusting out because of too little challenge
  5. Calculate the number of hours you are capable of working and limit your hours accordingly
  6. Balance your life; find time for your physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual well-being
  7. Identify the priorities in your life and include daily activities related to your priorities.
  8. Eliminate time wasters.
  9. Use coping self talk to control anger:
    • Is this worth getting angry about?
    • Is getting angry going to help?
    • Will this be important in two years, two months, two hours?
    • What would a calm person do?

Our time management skills training workshop provides the time management skills essential zero in on areas that will provide the greatest return.  Participants develop the methods to step out of the states of overwhelm, frustration, disorder, anxiety and lack of control into the state of mastery and satisfaction.

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