While being professional is an obvious goal, being perceived as professional requires specific strategies and techniques.

Six ideas to increase your success in professionalism include:

  1. Demonstrate your willingness to accept authority. We’re all working on boss’s or clients goals.  Say “happy to do that, however, this is how it will affect…”
  1. Be a team player. Consider how you can assist others in achieving the bigger goals of your department.
  1. Demonstrating commitment. Be on time; meet deadlines; provide quality work.
  1. Demonstrate leadership. “Ask what needs to be done?’
  1. Express appreciation. Compliment people frequently and sincerely.
  1. Integrity and trust are essential. Once questioned they can rarely be regained.

Our professionalism in the workplace workshop introduces strategies and techniques to increase your ability to send the right message in every situation.  This training course can be delivered at your location or in our location in Toronto.

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