Time Management

Time Management

Time Management –


When crisis strikes, strike back!

Seven ideas to increase your success in avoiding & managing crisis include:

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Use your extra adrenaline to find creative solutions.
  3. Run the crisis by thinking and planning…
  4. Minimize the chance of a a second crisis by acting carefully.
  5. Delegate whatever you can
  6. Don’t start another fire by losing sight of the big picture.
  7. Keep focused on your A1 priority.
  8. Generate multiple possible solutions.
  9. Set up controls to ensure the situation doesn’t recur.


Our Toronto based time management skills training workshop provides the time management skills essential zero in on the areas that will provide the greatest return.  Participants develop the methods to step out of the states of overwhelm, frustration, disorder, anxiety and lack of control into the state of mastery and satisfaction. The next public time management workshop is scheduled for April 18, 2019.

Contact us today to find out how our Toronto based time management skills training and other communications skills and leadership courses and workshops can help you build your professionalism.

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