Overcoming Procrastination

Today’s greatest time saving device is sometimes tomorrow.

Procrastination can result in poor performance related to quality and missed deadlines; unnecessary stress and stress related illness.

Six ideas to increase success include:
1. Just thinking about something you need to compete is a step in the right direction. Planning how you are going to act is a big step forward.

2. Choose one action that appeals to you. Just get started…inertia will keep you going.

3. Identify the behaviours you exhibit when you procrastinate. Do you engage in lengthy social conversations; spend extra time reading; search for things to eat or drink? Recognizing these behaviours will help you to realize when you are procrastinating and signal you that it’s time to get started on something more important.

4. Overcome perfection paralysis… unless you are a brain surgeon 90% right is better than 100% of nothing. Having all the information before taking action either takes too long or is not possible. Build your self esteem and your intuition.

5. Engage in the “dirty practice” of self-discipline by committing to someone else. We work harder at not disappointing others. Simply “announce your intentions” or if you really want to succeed, sign a contract agreeing to pay a large sum of money if you don’t complete the task or behaviour.

6. Use the 21 day success habit check list. Post a visible calendar and give yourself a check each day you complete a task or behaviour After 21 days it will become habit.