Making A Positive First Impression

You have 90 seconds to make a positive first impression

Seven ideas to increase your success with a first impression include:

  1. Dress respectfully.  This means be as formally dressed as they might be.  It’s always easier to dress down than to dress up; to remove a jacket or roll up your sleeves.
  1. Get feedback from people you trust on your handshake.  Too firm or to lax can easily be corrected.
  1. Be on time.  Allow extra time and anticipate potential delays.
  1. Start with a smile.  Let your warm personality melt any initial resistance.
  1. Make eye contact and remain focused on their face until you know the colour of their eyes.
  1. Build rapport by using their name.  Be careful not to overuse this practice.
  1. Use the headline technique; keep your sentences short.  You will be asked to elaborate if they are interested in more detail.