Building Your Patience

The ability to give a process time is not always naturally inherited. Waiting for outcomes can be unduly stressful for us as we journey with the ever-increasing speed of modern life.

Eleven ideas to increase your success with building your patience include:

1. Recognize that an attempt may not be entirely successful but it will always provide a learning opportunity.

2. Use waiting situations as conscious opportunities to cultivate your patience… i.e. waiting in line or in traffic.

3. Guard against acting on impulse. Practice taking more time even when you know you don’t need it.

4. Take at least one minute to gain perspective and consider the big picture.

5. Deal with what is real as opposed to what “could happen”.

6. Avoid picking up the bad habits of impatient people who surround you.

7. Ask yourself… is impatience in your best interest right now?

8. Remind yourself of the importance of respect and tolerance.

9. Use positive visualization. Picture yourself acting and re-acting with patience.

10. Use positive self-talk. “I’m working on increasing my patience.”

11. Place notes reminding you to be patient all around you.