Leadership –

Conflict is inevitable! It’s also what ignites progress!

Eight ideas to increase your success in dealing with conflict include:

  1. Allow enough time to resolve issues.  Don’t add additional stress by being in a hurry for decisions.
  2. Confirm common ground and/or common goals.
  3. Focus on what’s being said, rather than the way it’s delivered, facial expression or the tone of voice.
  4. Stay unemotional, problem-solving oriented.
  5. Repeat in your own words, their position to seek confirmation and to demonstrate your understanding.  Be sure to get their agreement on your perception of what they said.
  6. Ask the other person to paraphrase to demonstrate their understanding of your position.
  7. Work at negotiating differences.  Ask “What would it take to…?”
  8. Isolate points of disagreement and then brainstorm to develop possible alternatives for each point.

Our conflict management training provides strategies and techniques to resolve conflict in everyday situations.  Our conflicts resolution in a union environment workshop is specific designed for handling challenging union issues.   Each training courses can be delivered at your location or in our location in Toronto.

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