Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Skills

Assertiveness Skills –

Assertiveness requires the ability to communicate beliefs, opinions, thoughts, and feelings in a way that is effective.

Three ideas to increase success include:

    1. Remember to be kind when saying no by always offering an alternative.
    2. Be diplomatic when disagreeing by demonstrating your understanding of the other person’s position. Then, acknowledging the value of the other person’s recommendation. Follow with your own recommendation
    3. When a conflict is important to you, work with the other person by asking questions like: What do you need? How can we resolve this situation? What would it take to fix this?

Our Toronto based assertiveness skills training workshop provides the assertiveness skills essential to getting your ideas, plans and feelings across with confidence and conviction.

Contact us today to find out how our Toronto based assertiveness skills training and other communications skills courses and workshops can help you build your professionalism.

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