Leadership Skills

Coaching a perfect team is a dream, not always a reality.  In many situations there is a need to work with team members who lack either commitment or interest in their job.

Seven ideas to create a motivational climate include:

    1. Allowing team members to challenge the way things are done.
    2. Share a team vision… make certain that everyone answers the question “Why are we here?” in the same way.
    3. Enable team members to act by building their self esteem; make them feel good about themselves.
    4. Encourage them; recognize accomplishments; forgive mistakes
    5. Model the way
    6. Value a unique relationship with each team member; no favourites.
    7. Develop yourself; be a work in progress, growing changing, improving.


Our leadership skills training workshop provides the skills for performing positively and clearly to enhance your career and personal success. 

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