Presentation Skills

Making dynamic presentations with confidence is an essential skill that demonstrates your leadership ability and earns respect.

Whether the intention is to motivate, to inform, to influence or to defend, the way you present yourself and your ideas is key to your success.

Six ideas to increase success include:

  1. Pay attention to your appearance and your physical stance.  55% of your message comes from what they see.  If you want to be perceived as reliable or powerful, consider what clothing and what posture would contribute to that perception.
  2. Vary the speed of your delivery as well as the inflection and the volume. 38% of you message comes from your voice.
  3. Strive to be perceived as dynamic/enthusiastic; comfortable; believable; knowledgeable and humourous when appropriate.
  4. Slow down your breathing so that your whole body becomes relaxed.
  5.  Focus on your objectives and plan to overcome their objections.
  6. Remember, the larger the audience the more dramatic the presentation with respect to voice inflection, body movement and gestures.