Telephone Skills

From the way that you handle yourself on the telephone, your caller can quickly assess whether you are:

    • Capable
    • Caring/Interested
    • Energetic
    • Friendly/Happy
    • Organized

Ten ideas to increase your success with the telephone include:

  1. Remember it’s 10% what you say and 80% the way you say it that counts on the phone.
  2. Be prepared to make a written record of all information.
  3. Be on stage – assume a “professional ” role – unemotional, problem-solving oriented.
  4. Practice consistency.
  5. Regularly critique yourself.  Try to get feedback from others that you trust.
  6. Smile as you speak.
  7. Never show agitation or fatigue; end the call graciously and call back when you are composed.
  8. Monitor your tone – project energy
  9. Provide a positive approach by focusing on what you can do.
  10. Listen to voice mails you leave and eliminate your “ums” or “ahs” by closing your lips at the end of each sentence.