Strategies For Personal Success

Success means being able to answer “YES” to the following two questions:
• Are you happy with the way you spend your time?
• Are you happy with your relationships?

Six ideas to increase your personal success include:

1. Take responsibility for whatever you are doing; however you are behaving, responding or thinking. Get out of the reactive mode and into the pro-active mode. You can always make choices.

2. Develop your confidence by building your self-esteem; as a result, you will increase your productivity. Tell yourself “five things that are good about you” at least three times every day.

3. Identify attainable and relevant goals. List the activities necessary to accomplish the goals and complete the activities. Every accomplishment counts.

4. Communicate with power; assume the body language and the voice of a winner. Look and sound the part.

5. Build your listening skills. No one has ever said, “I can’t stand how that person always listens to me.”

6. How you think determines how you act; think positively. Don’t be so busy “awfulizing” that you miss the best parts of life. You can be as happy as you make up your mind to be.