Communication Effectiveness

Communication is the #1 problem in every organization.

Six ideas to increase success include:

1. Effective communication is a process. This means actively interacting until understanding is transferred.

2. Check your understanding by paraphrasing, i.e. repeating what you believe the person is saying and getting their agreement.

3. Demonstrate your understanding by paraphrasing. This is particularly helpful before you disagree.

4. Ask open questions to gather lots of information, i.e. start with ”how” or “tell me”. Information is power.

5. Be aware of your non-verbal communication. Words account for only 7% of a face to face communication. The way you sound, look and behave account for 93% of any message you are sending.

6. Perception can be a serious barrier to effective communication. Become aware of your own biases and prejudices; work harder to understand the real message whenever these natural barriers compete.