Customer/Client Relations

In today’s competitive business climate, winning organizations manage their customers’ needs and expectations treating their customers as if they’re essential to the organization!

Ten ideas to increase your success in providing excellent service include:

  1. Value your customers.
  2. Ensure that every member of your organization recognizes that the customer/client is essential.
  3. Let your actions demonstrate that you care.  Respect their perspective.
  4. Communicate a positive attitude both non-verbally and verbally
  5. Build rapport with customers/clients; use their names, smile or sound like you’re smiling.
  6. Listen to their concerns and demonstrate your understanding by paraphrasing.
  7. Develop an unemotional problem-solving style.
  8. Handle complaints as a priority;
  9. Follow-up and be appreciative of the fact that you were given an opportunity to improve.
  10. Work to overcome procedural obstacles that punish customers/clients.