Confronting In Conflict Situations

Looking after your needs is essential to your good health and success.  Many people are reluctant to say what they need to say because it may result in the other person having a negative reaction.

Six ideas to increase your success in confronting in conflict situations include:

  1. Identify the specific offending behavior.
  2. Describe the others person’s behavior that causes you concern.  Be specific and describe the actions, not the person’s motives or goals.                                                                           .                                            
  3. Ask explicitly for a change in their behavior. Express the need for change in positive manner, as a goal to be achieved in the future.                                 
  4. Request a small change; never a series of changes.     
  5. Specify the concrete action you want the person to stop or those actions you want the person to perform.
  6. Always recognize and be respectful of the other person’s needs.