Crisis Prevention & Management

You can’t turn on a dime if you’re always fumbling and trying to recover from crisis.

Twelve ideas to increase your success in avoiding & managing crisis include:

  1. Identify your priorities and consistently work on what counts.
  2. Stay focused.  Finish your tasks before moving to another.
  3. Anticipate potential crisis develop alternate solutions.
  4. Overestimate the time required to complete tasks.
  5. Turn a crisis into an opportunity to demonstrate your talent.
  6. Stay calm.
  7. Use extra adrenaline to find solutions.
  8. Think & plan – – Run the crisis… avoid creating a second crisis by acting too quickly.
  9. Delegate what you can but don’t start another fire.
  10. Ask yourself: What’s your A1 priority.
  11. Have all affected parties participate in generating possible solutions to the problem.
  12. Set up controls to ensure the situation doesn’t recur.