Saving Time

Time is our most precious resource; it can never be replenished.  Today, we are required to process and produce faster in the same amount of time.

Eleven ideas to increase your success in saving time include:

  1. Create a brochure for the most common questions you are asked.
  1. Use drafts for emails, letters, memos.
  1. Use check lists for repeated activities.
  1. Have regular scheduled meeting with your boss
  1. Meet at other people desks so you can make a faster exit.
  1. Don’t keep a chair at your desk so visitors won’t linger.
  1. Use quiet hour for A priorities
  1. Use body language that says “don’t interrupt me.  i.e.  – walk quickly;  don’t look up
  1. Assert yourself – say no “you caught me at a bad time can it wait until ……”?
  1. Clean and organize your work space at the end of each day.
  1. Foster independence – help others find answers for themselves.